​Misfit's new $60 fitness tracker, Flare, goes for the minimal look

A simple design and a $60 price for Misfit's latest fitness tracker.

Scott Stein Editor at Large
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Scott Stein

The Misfit Flare goes round, but screen-free.


Amid a flurry of feature-packed $200-plus Android Wear fitness watches, it's important to know that bare-bones affordable fitness trackers are still a trend. Fitbit has several, Xiaomi has already made waves with its super-affordable bands, and Misfit -- a company now owned by Fossil -- used to have one too, called the Flash. It was one of my favorites years ago.

The Misfit Flare, at $60, goes for basics in an everyday waterproof (50 meters) band. A small touch-sensitive circle glows and blinks with a single LED light to indicate fitness progress. One blink, two blinks, three blinks, and an animation at the daily goal.

Unlike the plastic Misfit Flash, the Flare has an aluminum case. It tracks steps and sleep, and can be unlocked to track swimming via Speedo software for an extra $10.

Really, this looks like a better tracker than the older Misfit Flash, and a similarly capable one to the Misfit Ray and Shine. All it lacks is heart rate sensing and a display. But, in 2017, is that enough?

  • Replaceable battery (four months of battery life)
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Automatic step and sleep tracking
  • Works with Misfit Home app as a smart button for some services
  • Tracks different types of activities
  • Syncs via Misfit app (iOS, Android)