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Mirage Omnisat review: Mirage Omnisat

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The Omnisats' sound is more open and less boxy than that of conventional box speakers, and once you're fully acclimated to Omnisats, box speakers may sound downright claustrophobic. Phish's Billy Breathes CD's warm sound was well served by the little Omnisats, without a trace of small-speaker dynamic range compression or the sort of recessed midrange sound that sucks the life out of acoustic guitars. The band's rich vocal harmonies soared as they do on high-end speakers.

On pop wizard M. Ward's Transfiguration of Vincent CD, we noted that the bass drum on the right channel sounded remarkably solid and realistic. The remarkable thing was that most of the deep bass was actually coming from the Omni S10 subwoofer, way over on the left side of our room!

Thanks in large part to the Omnisat's unflinching resolution, we reveled in every sonic detail on the Unspeakable DVD, a psychothriller of the most bizarre kind. The thumping heartbeats and dazzling surround effects populating the massive sound field generated by the five Omnisats was truly astonishing; the gaps between the front and surround Ominsats were minimal compared to what you can achieve with direct-radiating satellites. The Omnisats and the matching Omni S10 worked together to deliver a visceral punch we all too rarely experience from similarly compact satellite/subwoofer systems. The Mirage system can play pretty darn loud and can fill large (500 square foot) home theaters with ease.

During the closing credits on the Hidalgo DVD, the score weds classic big western music with the film's Middle Eastern themes. The orchestral sound had a breadth and scope that defied the petite dimensions of the satellites. If you're interested, we'd recommend an audition so that you can experience the Omnisats' incredible sound firsthand.

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