Mintek MDP-1810 review: Mintek MDP-1810

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MSRP: $199.95

The Good Inexpensive; 8-inch, 16:9 screen; considerable battery life; great disc compatibility; loud volume.

The Bad Low-resolution screen.

The Bottom Line This budget player has a big screen and plays loudly, but its image quality is strictly for kids.

6.8 Overall

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Mintek's MDP-1810 portable DVD player is tempting on paper, offering a big 8-inch wide-screen LCD for a paltry $400 list price. This silver unit has a solid feel but is bulkier than many similarly sized competitors, measuring a relatively thick 1.75 inches with the battery attached.

Opening the lid reveals well-spaced controls and a pair of upward-firing speakers. We listened to CDs on the 1810 while traveling, and they came across as pretty anemic although relatively loud through the little speakers. Audio over our headphones sounded good and was easily audible over the roar of a plane's engines. During normal CD and DVD playback, battery life averaged about three hours--very good, considering the large screen.

The small remote control provides lots of functionality, and we like its buttons better than the plastic bumps found on the remotes of most portable DVD players. Unfortunately, keys for many major features, such as setup and forward/reverse search, don't appear on the main unit, so if you lose the remote, you're out of luck.

The 1810's big screen would make the player an excellent candidate for car use if you could flip the image upside down, but as it is, your ceiling-mount options are limited. Mintek threw in a cigarette-lighter power adapter.

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