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Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance Headphones review: Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance Headphones

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The Good Monster's Miles Davis Trumpet earphones sound excellent, with very detailed sound and good, tight bass. They have an integrated microphone and navigation controls for cell-phone use, an eye-catching trumpet-themed design, and a tangle-resistant flat cord. The earphones also ship in a special "tribute" box that includes a carrying case and special edition of Davis' "Sketches of Spain" CD.

The Bad They're pricey at $300, and some may find their metal, trumpetlike design a tad uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line While their design isn't for everybody, the Miles Davis Trumpet earphones sound really good.

7.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

Monster's original Miles Davis Tribute Jazz in-ear headphones cost a rather daunting $400 but generally received rave reviews from buyers.

This newer model, the Miles Davis Trumpet earphones, sells for a somewhat more reasonable $299 and is much more stylized than the original, with a unique trumpet-like design. While the price is a step in the right direction, I'm not entirely sure the design is. However, these headphones sure are eye-catching and offer excellent, highly detailed sound.

Design and features
There are both pluses and minuses to the earphones' unique design. First, the positives: they look cool and like other Monster earphones, feature a flat cord that's tangle-resistant with a flexible, flat L-shaped plug that should hold up well over time. It hugs the top of your device better and is more discreet, so there's no awkward plug sticking out of the top of your smartphone.

Although they're made of metal, the earphones feel a little dainty and their edges feel like well, edges (by that I mean they're not sharp, but they're just not your typical earphones that have a rounded, more bulbous design like the original Monster Mile Davis Tribute earphones). It's also worth mentioning that when I went to adjust the earphones in my ears, it felt a little weird to touch what's essentially a mini trumpet mouthpiece.

I also had some trouble finding the perfect fit among the five different style tips Monster provides, which vary a little in size and firmness. I'm used to really jamming the tips in my ears and getting a tight seal. I eventually settled on one of the five and it ended up working pretty well, though not as perfectly I would have liked. That said, there should be enough selection here to satisfy most users, but I do wish Monster included a softer foam type like the ones you get with Shure and Etymotic earphones.

The integrated ControlTalk in-line microphone with its valve key configuration controls.

After using these for these for several says, I came to like them best when stationary, sitting at my desk, or in a comfortable chair. They work fine for walking around on the street, but there are better earphones out there for daily use walking around (the Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones come to mind).

As far as features go, more of today's earphones include an integrated microphone for making cell phone calls, and Trumpets are no exception. The integrated ControlTalk in-line mic is compatible with Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and you can jump tracks forward and back by double- or triple-clicking the call answer/end button. Volume up/down buttons allow you to adjust sound levels.

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