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Microsoft OneDrive (Windows Phone) review: SkyDrive is simple, sleek, and well-integrated

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It's easy to edit documents from OneDrive in Office, and then quickly jump back to your drive. Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Sharing from OneDrive is slick, as the app lets you send a download link in an e-mail or copy it to your clipboard, in just a few taps. From other apps, you can also access OneDrive, in case you want to post a picture from an album in the cloud, straight to Facebook. It's worth noting that you can save photos, videos, and documents from your phone into OneDrive without needing to download the app. That's because OneDrive sharing is baked into the Windows Phone operating system. However, you'll need to app to view and manage your files in the cloud.

Editing documents
On the Android platform, one of our biggest complaints about OneDrive is that it lacks a built-in interface for editing Office files. While Google Drive integrates a good amount of Google Docs' editing functionality, OneDrive on the platform merely houses your Office files and nothing more.

On Windows Phone, that is not the case, since OneDrive is so tightly integrated with the OS's built-in Office app. Thus, it's a seamless transition between viewing your files in OneDrive to editing Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. And of course, all of your changes, once saved, are propagated to the cloud. What's also worth noting is that Office's mobile editing interface is significantly simpler than Google Drive's, especially when it comes to spreadsheets.

The only thing we found missing from OneDrive was a password-protection feature. Sure, you could always just secure your phone with a lock screen, but we like that the Dropbox app on Android offers another level of security, in case someone happens to get hold of your device.

Final thoughts
Windows Phone users miss out on two of the most popular cloud storage apps, Dropbox and Google Drive. Luckily, Microsoft's offering, OneDrive, is just as good at storing your files safely in the cloud, letting you take them with you wherever you go. In fact, OneDrive's Windows Phone app is arguably better than its Android and iOS counterparts, because it offers more tools to edit documents from your phone.

Because it is so tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and the Windows Phone OS as a whole, the OneDrive app is an absolute necessity. It has a sleek, intuitive design, it's free, it offers a convenient place to save your files (in the cloud), and it's incredibly easy to use.

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