Meritline Pen Drive review: Meritline Pen Drive

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The Good Works as a pen.

The Bad Expensive; feels cheaply made.

The Bottom Line Meritline's Pen Drive adequately combines a pen with a USB flash drive, but it also feels a bit gimmicky and cheap.

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7.1 Overall

Meritline Pen Drive

Unlike many other so-called pen drives, Meritline's Pen Drive is actually a functional pen. Made of two halves that screw together, the Pen Drive's top half consists of the USB interface and a standard pen clip; the bottom half contains the ink cartridge and the pen tip. Screwed together, the Pen Drive measures about 5.75 inches long, but the USB half measures just 2.75 inches long. With a diameter of 0.5 inches, the Pen Drive blocked a neighboring USB port when we plugged it into our PC. We solved the problem by using the included 8-inch USB extension cable. Meritline includes an extra ink cartridge for the pen and an installation disc with driver software.

The Pen Drive is made of a brushed-silver metal with some shiny silvery accents. A faux-rubberized grip near the tip makes for comfortable writing and indicates where to twist to expose the pen tip. We found the Pen Drive's weight nice for writing, but the overall construction felt cheaply made.

This drive has 128MB of storage and comes in black or silver. You can also choose whether you want a USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface. The $65 USB 2.0 model we tested breaks down to a cost of about 50 cents per megabyte, which is on the expensive end of the price spectrum.

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