Memorex iFlip Portable Video System for iPod review: Memorex iFlip Portable Video System for iPod

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The Good The durable Memorex iFlip transforms your iPod into a portable video player armed with a bright 8.4-inch screen, good iPod integration, simple controls, decent speakers, rechargeable battery, and two headphone jacks. It recharges your iPod when plugged in.

The Bad The Memorex iFlip's screen resolution and colors aren't outstanding. There's no remote control, and battery life could be better.

The Bottom Line The Memorex iFlip effectively enlarges your puny iPod screen, but videophiles won't be too impressed with overall image quality.

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6.7 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 6
  • Performance 6

Memorex iFlip

Are you frustrated with playing video on your iPod's 2.5-inch screen? If so, take a gander at Memorex's iFlip portable video player for iPod, which essentially boosts your iPod's display to 8.4-inches. Simply dock your iPod into the portable DVD player-like device, and you can view video and photos without having to squint. While the $199 iFlip certainly makes viewing iPod-based video more convenient, we're not entirely impressed with actual screen quality.

Measuring 8.7 by 6.7 by 1.7 and weighing in at 2.5 pounds, the iFlip isn't as lithe as most portable DVD players. Still, it's smaller (though considerably thicker) than most ultraportable laptops, and its big 8.4-inch widescreen and internal rechargeable battery make it worth its weight for iPodders interested in road trips or air travel. Though it's a portable device, and you could always view your iTunes video on a computer, the iFlip isn't a bad way to view iPod video while in bed, and it's great for kids.

Constructed of a durable black plastic with grey "rubbery" sides, the unit's design is straightforward with its latchless, flip-up display and integrated stereo speakers. Without an iPod docked in, it's pretty plain looking. The most intriguing physical feature is the iPod docking bay, located between the speakers. Pressing the silver button releases the docking bay; the modular iPod holder actually flips up for easy access. The iFlip ships with two iPod holders, one for the 30GB iPod and another for the 60GB or 80GB iPod. These fit into place easily, but you'll need to push down on the back of the holder to actually snap it in. Once an iPod is inserted (or assimilated), it becomes one with the iFlip (reminding us of the Altec-Lansing iM7 speakers).

On the right side of the iFlip are the main controller buttons. These include the volume buttons that double as menu navigation controls, a menu button, and the power button. Adjacent to these are power, charge, and battery indicator LEDs, as well as the DC input. On the "flip" side, you'll find an S-video out (using the bundled mini-to-S-video cable), audio-line out, and two convenient headphone jacks. The layout is simple, though we would have preferred buttons like volume and menu to be closer to the front of the unit, or even on the front panel where the speakers and iPod are located. Of course, you use the nested iPod interface to select and control your content.

Flip the switch

After powering up the iFlip, you'll need to adjust your iPod's video settings to TV out: On (or set your iPod to Ask). Then simply select a movie, TV show, or any other video, and it will appear on the big screen. Conveniently, the iPod displays a thumbnail of the video, the time elapsed, and any chapter demarcations. Volume control is really the only function that's been disabled.

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