Maximus Camera Floodlight review: Outdoor floodlight camera IDs cars, people


Take a look inside the Kuna app -- customize the floodlight and alert settings, view the live video feed and see saved clips.

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The Maximus camera works with Alexa and Google Assistant, too. I tried it with an Amazon Echo Show and was disappointed to learn that you can only adjust the camera's built-in lights with Alexa and Google Assistant commands. You can't pull up the camera's live feed on your screen-outfitted Amazon or Google display

I also got a lot of phantom alerts from the Maximus camera, especially overnight -- at 10:30pm, 11:41pm, 2:22am, 6:10am and 7:21am. Adjusting the motion sensitivity helped to some extent, but I still got some alerts, even when no important motion was taking place. 

But the camera worked well otherwise. Download the Kuna app to get started and follow the instructions to get it up and running. Installing this floodlight is much like installing any other non-smart floodlight. Turn off power to the light at your circuit breaker and connect the wires -- be sure to ask an electrician for help if you have any questions about this part of the process. It took roughly 15 minutes from start to finish and the in-app set up took about 5 minutes. 

Note: Since this is a Wi-Fi-enabled device, be sure to test your Wi-Fi network speed in the spot where you plan to install your camera or it won't work optimally. 

After everything was set up, I received speedy motion, person and vehicle alerts and was able to view a log of saved clips in the app. I also configured the lights in the app to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. There's also an option to sound a loud siren manually if you want to scare someone away -- or call 911 straight from the app. 

Overall, the Maximus Camera Floodlight is a good choice if you're looking for an upgrade to your outdoor home security lighting. I like that it offers a two-hour grace period for saved video clips and the option to pay for advanced features like car and person alerts is nice. At the same time, its motion alert performance wasn't always reliable (and who wants to get a phantom alert at 2am?) and the device itself could look nicer. I also wish its Alexa and Google Assistant integrations were more comprehensive. 

Still, you should seriously consider this $249 camera alongside the Ring Floodlight Cam, particularly if you don't want to pay for cloud storage.

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