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Matias iPod Armor

Feel free to do your worst--we're confident that nothing short of a nuclear weapon will damage your iPod while it's protected by the burly Matias iPod Armor case.

Matias iPod Armor

Serious about keeping your iPod safe from any--and we mean any--bumps and scratches? Enter Matias iPod Armor ($50, available for the iPod and the iPod Mini), a tough-as-nails cocoon with a hard plastic-and-aluminum shell on the outside and a velvety-smooth interior. Although you can't get to the Click Wheel, there are openings for the dock connector and the headphones, and a sturdy clip will keep your iPod attached to your belt, no matter what. If you want protection but still prefer to view your beloved iPod Mini, check out the new Clear iPod Armor Mini ($35), which features an equally durable see-through front panel.

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