Marshall Major review: Marshall Major

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The Good Design is reminiscent of the famous amps; decent sound quality.

The Bad Painfully tight headband.

The Bottom Line The Marshall Major headphones offer a cool design and pretty good sound quality. It's just a shame they're so uncomfortable to wear.

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6.5 Overall

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Marshall has made its first foray into the heady world of headphones, slapping 50 years of amp-building experience on either side of your pretty face. Acquiring the Marshall Major headphones will set you back around £90, but are these heritage-steeped cans worthy of your cash?

No school like the old school

The Major headphones look great. They're quite small, with each squarish earcup measuring about 70mm across. The outside of each can is covered in the same faux leather that adorns the iconic Marshall amps. A delicately made, rubber Marshall logo is plastered across each earcup. Each earpiece slides along the headband, and they both fold inwards for increased portability.

The inside of the headband has a charming brown finish, with the printed signature of company founder Jim Marshall resting in the centre. There's a golden Marshall plaque on the inside of each earcup's hinge. It's a shame that these details are on the inside of the headphones -- you'll have to be content with knowing they're there, rather than showing them off to the world.

Every rose has a thorn

These cans look the part but, when it comes to wearing them, they leave much to be desired. The headband itself is rather tight, and, as the earcups are quite shallow, we found our delicate ears being pinned quite uncomfortably against the inside of the headphones.

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