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Manhattan True-Touch Roll-Up Keyboard review: Manhattan True-Touch Roll-Up Keyboard

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The Good Portable; waterproof and dustproof.

The Bad Uncomfortable; keys are hard to press.

The Bottom Line Although extremely portable, this roll-up keyboard isn't comfortable enough for everyday use.

6.8 Overall

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Manhattan True-Touch Roll-Up Keyboard

Spillproof, dustproof, highly portable, and cool-looking, the Manhattan True-Touch Roll-Up keyboard would be perfect--if only it were more comfortable to type on. There's no setup to speak of: simply unroll the keyboard, plug it into a USB port (a PS/2 adapter is included), and type away. It's a 108-key QWERTY keyboard with a keypad and the standard Home, End, and other command buttons. The spacebar is split into three keys--one long bar flanked by two normal-size keys, which makes the board more foldable but also makes it harder to hit the spacebar accurately. The particularly flat nature of the keyboard makes it fairly uncomfortable to type on; pressing the keys requires a very firm touch. The portability of the keyboard makes it a great accompaniment for travel, but it's not suitable for everyday use.

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