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Logitech Wave Pro Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse review: Logitech Wave Pro Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech Wave Pro Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
Justin Yu covered headphones and peripherals for CNET.
Justin Yu
3 min read

The $130 Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro marries the popular Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave keyboard with the Editors' Choice winning MX 1100 mouse. Although it might be more than you're used to paying for a mouse and keyboard set, the package combines two of Logitech's flagship input devices and the price reflects a substantial improvement over a budget set in features and build quality. Logitech adds more value to the bundle by including a rechargeable version of the company's MX1100 mouse, so we have no problem strongly recommending this package for office typists, home users, and light gamers alike.


Logitech Wave Pro Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

The Good

Comfortable keyboard design; rechargeable mouse only available in this package; impressive list of customizable features.

The Bad

No discount on the bundle versus buying each device separately.

The Bottom Line

Although you don't get a price break by buying the package instead of the individual devices, we still consider this one of the best mouse and keyboard packages on the market. It combines an even better version of our favorite mouse and an equally adept keyboard at a very reasonable price.

In our review of the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave keyboard, we came away impressed by its uniquely curved design. After using the keyboard for almost two weeks, we can confirm that the keyboard only gets more comfortable with time. Your experience might be different, but in all cases, the staggered heights and the overall shape of the key panel help drastically speed up the learning curve associated with a nonstandard keyboard design.

The Cordless Desktop Wave keyboard is powered by two AA batteries (one set included) that you can turn off to save battery life, and both the keyboard and mouse connect via a single USB 2.0 dongle. We also like the perforated wrist pad that sits at the bottom of the keyboard and keeps your hands at an ergonomic level, cutting down on the wrist pain that typically occurs after long typing sessions. The first time we reviewed this keyboard we expressed disappointment with the placement of the media and shortcut keys along the top edge. Nothing has changed in this package, but you can work around it by using the two smaller buttons above the numeric keypad. They're preassigned for the calculator and power on/off shortcuts, but you can change their functions in Logitech's SetPoint desktop software, which is included in the bundle.

The impetus of this package is Logitech's decision to include a rechargeable version of the MX 1100 wireless mouse. At the time of this review, you can only get the rechargeable version of the mouse in this bundle; if you buy the mouse separately, it comes with the standard alkaline nonrechargeable battery. It's nice of Logitech to include a unique product in this package, but it's bad news if you already have a keyboard. You still have the option of buying your own rechargeable batteries for the standalone MX 1100, but it's just an annoying aftermarket purchase.

The mouse that comes in this bundle also includes a USB mini receiver and adapter to charge the single NiMH battery. You can check how much juice you have left in SetPoint as well as reroute all of the button shortcuts. Logitech reports two months of life per charge, and after more than a week of daily usage, the software still informs us that its energy level is "very good." Read our full review of the MX 1100 mouse here.

The price of the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro package is the same amount as the sum of the two separate pieces, so while you don't get a price break, keep in mind that you'll save money on batteries thanks to the rechargeable mouse. And in either case, both products are some of the finest in Logitech's line of devices. We recommend both of them separately, so purchasing them together is a no-brainer.


Logitech Wave Pro Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

Score Breakdown

Design 9Features 8Performance 8