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Logitech Speaker System Z320 review: Logitech Speaker System Z320

The speakers themselves are fairly lightweight, but not totally unsubstantial. The left speaker weighs in at 1.1 pounds, and the right, which houses a 10-watt amplifier, come in at 1.4 pounds. Logitech has conveniently placed a volume control on the front of the right speaker. When turned all the way to the left, the speakers completely power down.

As for connectivity, the two satellites are connected by a 6-foot cord that should give you ample stereo separation. There's a dedicated cable for connecting the speakers to a laptop or desktop PC (or you could plug the minijack directly into an audio device), as well as a headphone jack on the right speaker that doubles as an auxiliary input for other audio devices, such as iPods.

In its marketing materials, Logitech says the Z320 speaker system "floods every corner of your room with Logitech 360-degree sound. No dead spots, missing high notes, or dropped-out bass thumps. You hear every note and nuance from every spot in the room. It's sound dispersed so clearly and evenly in all directions, you feel like you're in your music, movies, and games." Not surprisingly, that's pushing things a bit.

The reality is, the Z320s are compact computer speakers that deliver decent but unspectacular sound for the money. Their strength is their clarity while their weakness is their bass. There's just not much oomph here, so bass-heavy music (for example, hip-hop) and the explosions in movies and games sound restrained. But acoustic tracks and dialog in movies sound really good. (If you're looking for more bass, consider the identically priced Logitech Z323, a 2.1 system that includes a dedicated subwoofer.)

In the final analysis, while they're not a steal at $70, if you're looking for a pair of compact speakers that sound pretty decent and look nice sitting on your desk, the Z320s are certainly worth considering.

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