Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile review: Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile

The Good Easy to set up with Bluetooth phones; hands-free functionality; very compact.

The Bad Lacks bass; no remote control; pricey.

The Bottom Line The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile works well as a highly-portable wireless sound system for Bluetooth mobile phones. However, its sound quality is compromised by the small size of its speakers, so those after an audio system with pristine sonics should look elsewhere

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7.5 Overall

Who needs wires? Not us, says Logitech, with its Pure-Fi Mobile portable speaker system. Its built-in Bluetooth means you can stream tunes to it over the air from any A2DP-compatible music phone or MP3 player. It also has a standard mini-jack input so iPod owners aren't left out in the cold.

The £100 asking price is on the steep side, so does its wireless functionality make it worth the extra outlay?

Like many of Logitech's latest speaker systems, the Pure-Fi Mobile is quite pleasing on the eye. The front has a slick piano black finish, while the four mini speakers are circled by a neat aluminium trim. It's very compact too, standing just 70mm tall and a mere 280mm wide. In the box, Logitech also includes a padded carrying case to help avoid scratching that nice glossy finish when you're on the move.

Most travel speakers can run from batteries, but the Pure-Fi goes one better because of its built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This can be charged either by plugging the unit into the mains using the supplied power adaptor or connecting it to your computer via USB. It takes around 3 hours to charge the battery and once it's full, it's good for about 12 hours of playtime.