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Smart Home

Logitech rolls out its own 'Netflix and chill' button

No smartphone? No problem. Logitech's $100 Pop Home Switch promises to control your smart home sans phone.

The $100 Logitech Pop Home Switch.

Jacob Krol/CNET

Remember that multi-use smart home button we reviewed back in February called Flic? Well, Logitech is bringing something similar to the masses this month with the release of its $100 Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and $40 Pop Add-On Home Switch.

Designed to be a main point of access between you and your smart-home gizmos, Pop is supposed to be able to control connected LEDs, locks, blinds and more. A handful of related partners have already jumped on board to kick off the launch, including Lifx, Philips Hue, Lutron and Insteon.

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Each switch is designed to handle up to three triggers using a single press, a double press and a long press. That means you should be able to turn on your lights, close your window shades, and turn on your TV all with simple button presses.

Logitech says the configuration process is simple, too. Use the Pop app for Android and iPhone to search your local Wi-Fi network for smart-home devices. From there, you should be able to assign specific triggers to specific products -- either individually or as part of a combined recipe.

You can add a Logitech Harmony remote into the mix as well for a variety of TV- and music-based triggers. The company hasn't said what's included in the Starter Pack, but we'll update this article with that info as soon as we find out.

Logitech's $100 Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and $40 Pop Add-On Home Switch are expected to hit retail this month. We plan to test them out, so check back in short order.

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