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Logitech M320 review: Meet your new travel partner: The Logitech Wireless Mouse M320

The Logitech M320's featherweight design, double-wide scroll wheel and supremely smooth optical sensor make this a trustworthy addition to your mobile workstation.

Justin Yu
Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Logitech is easily my go-to brand of PC accessories for the simple fact that it has the biggest selection of shapes, sizes and designs. But if you're not a die-hard researcher like me or just don't feel like poring over the 22 different mice on the Web site to find the right pick, you've come to the right place.


Logitech M320

The Good

The curved ergonomics and double-wide scroll wheel make the dirt-cheap Logitech M320 mouse a pleasure to use with any OS while you're on the go. Its basic button layout relieves your fingers from the strain of a stylus or touchpad and it operates for two years on a single AA battery.

The Bad

The rubberized thumb rest on the left side means it's only useful for right-handed mousers.

The Bottom Line

The Logitech M320's featherweight design, double-wide scroll wheel and supremely smooth optical sensor make it a worthy -- and ultra-affordable -- travel mouse.

The Logitech M320 is one of the company's most basic wireless mouse models, listing for $30 but available online (in the US, at least) for less than half that: $12.99. (In the UK, the price delta is smaller: £30 list and £25 online. The M320 doesn't appear to be officially available in Australia, but Aussies can opt for the very similar M280 for AU$30 list.) Don't let the budget price fool you, however: Its featherweight design, double-wide scroll wheel and supremely precise optical sensor make this a trustworthy addition to your mobile workstation.


Palm-size portability and smooth scrolling make the Logitech M320 mouse a great travel partner.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The M320 looks ambidextrous but the left side actually has a slightly wider rubberized thumb rest, so left-handed users should consider the company's wireless M310 mouse instead.

Like most of Logitech's ergonomic mice, this one also widens at the middle to offer your palm a natural landing pad. Granted, it doesn't support the entire length of your hand as much as a full-size mouse, but it's meant for travelers so let's just say it's comfy enough to use until you get back to your regularly scheduled workspace.

The top of the mouse offers just enough buttons to relieve your fingers from the strain of a stylus or touchpad. Two standard left and right buttons register a satisfying click to confirm an action and the extra-wide notched wheel is a pleasure to use for vertical scrolling.

Other travel-friendly mice in the Logitech portfolio like the M510 and the MX Anywhere 2 bundle programmable thumb buttons and the option to switch between a notched or a smooth scroll wheel, but they cost a lot more for the added convenience and they're not nearly as light as the M320.

Logitech M320 mouse (pictures)

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The M320 connects plug-and-play to any computer with an open USB port including Macs, PCs and Chromebooks. The wireless "nano receiver" is tiny but it also stores away in the undercarriage while you're on the move so you (hopefully) won't lose it.

Again, pricier models like the flagship Logitech MX Master use a laser sensor that can still track if you lift the mouse off the table, but the M320's optical sensor works just as well for general-purpose needs. It performed fine in my tests across most surfaces, but it had trouble on glass and reflective countertops.

I wasn't able to test the battery life, but Logitech claims the mouse can operate for two years on a single AA. There's an on/off switch underneath to conserve power and the built-in sleep mode automatically switches off when it senses periods of latency.

If you don't mind a bare-bones design, the M320's palm-size portability and smooth scrolling make it a great travel partner to pair with a laptop or tablet PC. The fact that you can pick it up at a rock-bottom price only sweetens the deal even more.


Logitech M320

Score Breakdown

Design 6Features 8Performance 8
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