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Logitech G9x review: Logitech G9x

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You can program up to five different DPI levels to switch to on the fly. And yes, those levels are customisable. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

Two buttons are rather inconveniently placed on the bottom of the mouse, the first allowing the user to switch between stored profiles, the second shifting the mouse wheel between free spin and detented modes. Free spin is generally better for scrolling through large amounts of text, detented for gaming. Logitech calls this "MicroGear", although it has since figured out via the G500 that there are much better places to put the switching button, like under the scroll wheel.

Only the left mouse button and scroll up/down can't be customised, otherwise Logitech's software allows pretty much free reign, complete with macro editor that records mouse events. The macro manager is well thought out and on par with competing solutions.

Logitech SetPoint

Customise! (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

Firing up sessions of Serious Sam: HD and Left 4 Dead, the G9x proved itself competent and accurate, although not as smoothly gliding as recent mice such as SteelSeries' Xai or Roccat's Kova.

While the list price of AU$199.99 is next to insane, thankfully the retail market has sorted things out to a degree, with the G9x retailing between AU$110 and AU$150.

While the G9x is definitely a competent player, we feel purely as a function of its age that there are now better options available to the hardcore gamer.

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