Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard review: Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

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Underneath are four square buttons which are contextually sensitive depending on what's on-screen, either side of which is a round button. The left button is used for rotating between the functions (which by default auto-rotates every eight seconds), the right for turning the backlight on or off. Changing manually between screens is a little annoying, with the screen first flashing up a title for what it's about to load, and then loading the program itself, making you think you've skipped ahead two modules by mistake. If you find the screen hard to read, the lighting can be inverted, making dark areas bright, and bright areas dark.

Like the rest of Logitech's G series keyboards, certain games can interact with it to show game specific information. Beneath the screen are context sensitive buttons for the display, and beneath that the mode switching buttons.(Credit: Logitech)

A nice feature is the ability to save your configuration profiles to the device itself — meaning you only need to install your driver, and you can import your favourite macros to any machine with ease. You aren't limited to just the one profile either, with the software letting you create, save and load as many as you like.


Comfort may be an issue for those with reasonably sized hands if you intend to use all the buttons. The G4, G10, G11 and G12 buttons (in a convenient WASD shape) have a depression in them to help you re-centre your hand, though due to the number of keys on the top and second row your hand will be spread quite wide to get from one side to the other. We suspect quite a few people may leave the G1, G7, G8 and G14 disabled due to this.

In terms of response, the G13 was snappy and worked well, executing macros with blindingly fast speed.


If you haven't got enough macro keys on your current keyboard, or you're a laptop gamer, the G13 could be the add-on for you. It's not the most comfortable solution we've used, and it's certainly not cheap, but its programmability and rugged construction put it above the rest of the crowd.

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