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MSRP: $69.99

The Good The Logitech Cube Mouse is a petite, attractive presentation mouse that performs basic navigation and presentation tasks well enough. It comes with Logitech's customary design polish and ease-of-use.

The Bad At $70, the Cube feels overpriced for not having at least a built-in laser pointer.

The Bottom Line Logitech is relying on appealing look of its unique Cube Mouse to justify its price, but it should offer a few more useful navigation or presentation features.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 5
  • Performance 6

College professors, slaves to PowerPoint, and aficionados of cuteness, Logitech has you in mind for its tiny $70 Cube Mouse. There's no denying that the Cube is indeed cute. Its petite design also makes it eminently portable. The problem is that it's not a very good mouse, and its presenting features are too simplistic. Serious presenters can find more-capable support accessories for less.

At 0.625 inch high, 1.125 inches wide, and 2.125 inches deep, the Cube is about the size of a Matchbox car. It comes with a small carrying sleeve, a USB dongle for charging, and Logitech's USB Unified microreceiver, which can receive a signal from up to six peripheral devices from the Logitech Unified device family.

Logitech's pitch for the Cube is that it offers basic mousing capabilities, as well as a unique presenting mode for navigating PowerPoint presentations or other long documents. Hold the Cube on a work surface and it works like any wireless mouse. It supports left and right clicking, as well as swipe-based vertical scrolling on its top face.

Lift the Cube off your work surface and it goes into presentation mode. The only function it offers here is the ability to navigate back and forth through the pages of a document. Hold it upright and click to advance a page. Turn the mouse upside down and click to back up a page.

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