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Logik L23IP11 review: Logik L23IP11

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The Good Slimline design; Bright pictures; Good Internet features; Impressive media streaming capabilities.

The Bad Tinny audio; Sluggish to respond to the remote; Internet features take a long time to start up.

The Bottom Line We like the 23-inch Logik L23IP11's slim design and Internet and media streaming features. However, it's let down by a sluggish remote control and less than impressive audio quality.

6.5 Overall

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Logik is the own-brand for DSGi, the parent company of Currys, PC World and Pixmania online.

Its latest offering is the 23-inch L23IP11, which is an LED TV with built-in support for Internet services such as BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm, as well as USB recording, yet only costs £230.

User interface and EPG

The L23IP11's user interface is pretty basic and lacks the slick animations that you'll find in the menus on Sony or Samsung TVs. However, that's not unexpected on a set with such a low asking price. When you call up the main menu you're greeted by a row of icons across the top for stuff like tuning, picture and audio settings. As you select each one, the screen below populates with the various controls.

The range of picture settings is fairly comprehensive for a small-screen TV. For example in the picture menu, along with the usual stuff like contrast, brightness, colour, sharpness and tint settings, you also get red, green and blue controls, as well as settings for the noise reduction system.

The set's electronic programm guide (EPG) is laid out using a vertical rather than horizontal design. Channels are listed in a box on the right-hand side with the currently playing programme shown on the left. To view what's coming up for the rest of the day on a particular channel, you need to press the blue button on the remote and then switch the view from Time to Channel.

It's a very long-winded way of going about things and quickly becomes annoying. Also, it's worth pointing out that the set only has a Freeview tuner, not Freeview HD, so you can't use it to view channels like BBC One HD or Channel 4 HD.

Logik L23IP11 EPG
The EPG has an odd layout and is sluggish to use.

Digital media and Internet features

Unusually for a budget model, and especially one with a small screen size, the L23IP11 offers a wealth of online and digital media features.

The Internet content is accessed by pressing the i-Player button near the top of the remote. The Internet features take a good while to start up. It's much, much slower to kick in than the Internet platforms found on the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG TVs. Whereas they typically take under 5 seconds to load, on this set it was a full 1 minute and 15 seconds after pressing the i-Player button before the Internet features were ready to be used.

However, it's largely worth the wait, because what's on offer is pretty impressive. There's a good BBC iPlayer app and support for both the LoveFilm and Blinkbox movie rental services. Under the WebTV menu option you'll find a YouTube player along with a Flickr app. This area also gives you access to a number of video podcasts such as CNN Daily and Jamie's Ministry of Food recipes.

The right-hand side of the screen is given over to a box that displays content from widgets including ones for Facebook and Twitter as well as news, sports and weather feeds. It all hangs together nicely and is fairly quick and easy to use.

This Internet menu is also where you'll find the media streaming features for playing video, audio and photo files, from DLNA devices like PCs and NAS drives to hard drives connected to a USB port. It happily played a range of video files, including Xvid and HD MKV files.

Logik L23IP11 Internet features
For a budget set, this model's Internet features are impressive.

The set also offers USB recording. You can either schedule recording via the EPG or just hit the record button while watching a show to immediately start recording it to a USB drive. The recording quality is every bit as good as the original broadcast -- the TV is just saving a raw broadcast stream to disc.

Design and connections

For a TV with a smaller screen size, the L23IP11 is actually quite slim, measuring 30mm deep. Of course, one of the reasons why the set is so slender is that it uses LED backlighting, rather than the CCFL variety you find on chunkier TVs. The chassis is made entirely from plastic, so it doesn't feel quite as well built as some of the sets from mainstream manufacturers.

Logik L23IP11 right side
It's slim because it uses LED backlighting rather than CCFL.

Nevertheless, it's still a fairly attractive model. We like the way the glossy black bezel has a transparent lip across the bottom and the fact that this design theme is continued on the glass stand, which attaches to the TV via three screws.

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