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Sharp LL T review: Sharp LL T

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MSRP: $649.00
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The Good Good image quality; one digital and two analog inputs.

The Bad Limited adjustment options; dull, utilitarian design; overpriced.

The Bottom Line The Sharp LL-T19D1 is a solid 19-inch LCD, but you can get better-looking, better-performing displays for less money.

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6.6 Overall

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Like its 17-inch sibling, the LL-T17D3, the Sharp LL-T19D1's design squanders the inherent stylishness of LCDs. Its 3/4-inch bezel contains six ugly square buttons along the bottom edge for adjusting the image, and the screen stands on a stable but unimaginative trapezoidal base on top of which a lazy Susan lets you swivel the display 45 degrees to the left and right. The display tilts a modest 20 degrees back and 5 degrees forward, and the somewhat awkward and stiff gooseneck lamp-style connection between the base and the pedestal will give you another few inches of height. And while it will attach to a wall with a standard VESA mount, the LL-T19D1 will not pivot between Portrait and Landscape modes--a serious shortcoming considering that less expensive displays, such as the HP L1925 and the ViewSonic VP191b, offer this feature.

The LL-T19D1 is both Mac and PC compatible and has one digital and two analog inputs, so you can hook up two computers to the display. But take note: While HP and Envision graciously include both cables, Sharp provides only the analog. As with the LL-T17D3, the LL-T19D1's onscreen menu for adjusting the image is counterintuitive. Unlike with most LCDs, which pair brightness and contrast on the menu, the Sharp places contrast and black-level controls together, and brightness can be adjusted only via the arrow buttons on the front panel.

The LL-T19D1's image quality, on the other hand, is quite good, thanks to a high brightness level and contrast ratio. Text looks crisp, focus is good with little pixel fusion, and the monitor accurately and subtly renders colors and shades of gray. The LL-T19D1 is backed by a standard three-year parts-and-labor warranty.

The Sharp LL-T19D1 is a solid, if inelegant, choice for a home or office display. However, competition is rife in this category, and other LCDs such as the HP L1925 and the ViewSonic VP191b offer more bang--and beauty--for the buck.

Brightness in nits  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Sharp LL-T19D1
ViewSonic VP191b
HP L1925
Envision EN-9110
Note: Measured with the Sencore CP500
CNET Labs' DisplayMate tests  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
CNET score  
ViewSonic VP191b
Sharp LL-T19D1
HP L1925
Envision EN-9110

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