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Linksys EA8300 Max Stream AC2200 Router review: This little Linksys router gets the job done -- up to a point

The Linksys EA8300 also offers MU-MIMO technology, which is quickly becoming the standard for today's routers, allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously at their maximum speeds. The only problem is that each laptop, phone or tablet also needs to have MU-MIMO technology for it to work. If none do, you won't experience a benefit. However, if only one or a few do, it could still help by speeding up the MU-MIMO devices and leaving more bandwidth for everything else.

You can enable Guest Wi-Fi on both the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band. However, there's a lack of options to throttle down the guest network speeds so your regular devices won't suffer. The only thing you can change is the total number that can connect, not the speed.

Parental controls are also very easy to set up. You choose the device, which sites to block and what times you want them blocked. One nice feature is the ability to block encrypted (https) sites, which some routers aren't able to do. That means Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blockable, much to the dismay of your kids.

You can also use Amazon Alexa with the EA8300 if you want to turn on/off the guest network, get the guest Wi-Fi log-in credentials or if you forget your regular Wi-Fi password. That last part is a little scary in that anyone can ask her for your password, and Linksys says that you can shut this feature off.

Consistent speed on 2.4GHz, top speed on 5GHz

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The Linksys EA8300 performed at over 110 Mbps from 50 feet away on the 2.4GHz band.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Features are nice, but what about speed? Well, this AC2200-rated router showed plenty during my testing. I tried it out at short range (seven feet, within the same room), midrange (25 feet, one room away) and long range (50 feet, two rooms away) in our CNET Smart Home. I used Jperf, a utility that measures throughput between a server and a client computer connected by the router. Internet speeds from an ISP don't factor in here.

Despite its AC2200 rating, I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency of the 2.4GHz band. Linksys' beamforming technology may be one of the reasons for this. Beamforming helps with signal range, allowing the router to target a device and steer the signal towards it. The EA8300 performed around 110Mbps at all three distances. I actually measured the fastest speeds during midrange testing, clocking an average of 116Mbps.

The throughput on the 5GHz band was 655Mbps at short range, 367Mbps at midrange and 89Mbps at long range. This type of drop off is standard for 5GHz, which is affected greatly by distance and interference. Still, the top speed of 655Mbps is pretty close to its theoretical maximum of 867. I would like to see a little better throughput at the longer range, so larger homes may not benefit much with the EA8300 on the 5GHz band due to signal loss.

Keep in mind though that many people have internet speeds under 100Mbps anyway, so that is where you will experience a bottleneck. Only local file and data transfers between your devices will be able to take advantage of the top speeds -- that is, if your devices have hardware capable of those faster speeds. Remember that when it comes to Wi-Fi, it's only as fast as the slowest device in the chain.

Should you buy one?

It looks like good things do come in small packages. The compact Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream router offers tops speeds, tons of the latest features, an easy-to-use interface and multi-functionality as an access point, repeater or bridge. The AC2200 rating keeps it from being top of its class, but its speeds were very impressive, maxing out at 116Mbps on 2.4GHz and 655Mbps on 5GHz. The Smart Wi-Fi web interface raised some concerns over its security, but the app is very convenient if you need to update your settings. For $200 with a one-year warranty, Linksys has delivered on an affordable router that gets the job done – plus extras.

Linksys EA8300 specs

Brand Linksys Model EA8300
IEEE 802.11 Standard a/b/g/n/ac CPU Processor Quad Core 716MHz
Frequency Tri-Band (2.4GHz+5GHz+5GHz) RAM Memory 256MB
Class AC2200 Flash Memory 256MB
Speed (Mbps) 2,134 (400+867+867) Guest Wi-Fi Yes
Ethernet Ports 1 Gigabit WAN; 4 Gigabit LAN Parental Controls Yes
USB Ports 1 USB 3.0 MU-MIMO Yes
Antennas 2-External (2x2), 2-External (1x1) Beamforming Yes
Security 64/128-bit WEP, WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise, WPA/WPA2, 128 bit AES link encryption Setup App or Browser
Size (inches) 8.38 by 6.37 by 2.16 Weight (pounds) 1.34

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