Libon for iOS review: Great for free calls, but with strings attached

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The Good Libon lets you make unlimited free calls to other Libon users. Call quality is great and the interface is fairly intuitive.

The Bad There's no easy way to upload a profile photo. Sixty minutes of talk time with a monthly subscription is not nearly enough.

The Bottom Line Libon is great for free calls if you can get your friends to download the app, but the subscription service leaves a lot to be desired.

Visit for details.

7.7 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 7
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 8

Libon is a communications app that lets you make free calls and texts with other Libon users, create custom greetings, and offers a subscription service that unlocks certain features, but gives you limited talk time.

Like popular chat app Whatsapp Messenger, Libon lets you chat with other friends who have the app, but you also have the ability to make free calls to other Libon users with HD-quality sound.

Main features
Upon launch, you'll see the app's home screen with icons for seeing the latest notifications, your contact list, your recorded greetings, a call button, and a write button for sending text messages. But what's interesting about the app is how it puts it all together. When you look at your communications with one contact, you can view all your messages, voice mail, audio clips, and images in one place. But it also automatically transcribes voice mails so you can read the pertinent info when you don't have time to listen. While the transcription wasn't perfect in my testing, I was still able to figure out the content of most messages without having to listen.

To make communications more personal, the app also will let you create personalized greetings for different people. People communicate differently depending on who they're talking to (like you probably talk differently to your friends than you do your boss). Initially, I thought this an unnecessary feature, but it's definitely nice to be able to have a serious voice greeting for some calls and a more-casual one for others. You can assign different greetings for groups of people, so you don't have to create one for each contact. In the free version, you can make up to three customized voice mail greetings.

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