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LG WT1801HVA review: So-so performance cramps this washer's style

I ended up using the LG Laundry and DW iPhone app, but it wasn't very intuitive. That's mainly because the app's home screen references Remote Start and all sorts of other features that are only available on Wi-Fi-enabled LG washers. So you have to scroll through the options, locate Smart Diagnosis, and follow the instructions for an "Audible Diagnosis."

Smart Diagnosis really is easy to use once you've sifted through the jumble of available apps and determined whether or not your washer works with Wi-Fi. But it should be a lot easier to access.


We run our washers through a variety of tests to measure how well they remove stains and how gentle or tough they are on clothes. LG's WT1801HVA didn't do particularly well removing stains.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Of the five top-load washers we've reviewed, the WT1801HVA got the second worst stain-removal score. Specifically, 52 percent of the stains on fabric strips coated in sebum (skin oil), carbon (mineral oil), blood, cocoa and aged red wine remained on average after testing. By stain, that translates to:

  • Sebum: 46 percent stains remaining
  • Carbon: 72 percent stains remaining
  • Blood: 35 percent stains remaining
  • Cocoa: 53 percent stains remaining
  • Red wine: 55 percent stains remaining

When you look at other washing machines, GE's GTW860SPJMC had 53 percent stains remaining, GE's GTW810SSJWS had 50 percent stains remaining, GE's GTW485ASJWS had 48 percent stains remaining and Kenmore's 29133 had 44 percent stains remaining.

The WT1801HVA got a decent score for wear and tear, though. To score wear and tear, we count the number of attached, frayed threads on fabric squares that measure at or over 2 millimeters. The WT1801HVA had 243 attached threads, which is pretty standard for most of the top-loaders we've reviewed. GE's GTW485ASJWS is the exception -- it was tougher on clothes with a 266-count of attached, frayed threads.

The takeaway

LG's $1,150 WT1801HVA washing machine gets a lot right. Not only does it look great, it also offers a modern twist on boring top-loaders with its integrated front-control display. But its performance score hurts its overall appeal; it simply didn't come close to the Kenmore 29133's excellent stain-removal rating. You won't be completely disappointed with the WT1801HVA, but I would look at some other models before you decide to buy this LG.

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