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LG WM3575CV review: Not so fast: This speedy LG washer struggles to clean

A cluttered display makes this LG washer a little harder to use.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The dial in the center of the display lets you select the specific cycle you want from the list above. That part of the control panel was simple and straightforward. The right side of the display, on the other hand, looked unnecessarily cluttered. Everything that didn't belong on the dial ended up shoved into that right corner -- from the water temperature and the soil level to the spin speed and a small digital timer that wasn't all that easy to read.

The app portion of the WM3575CV was also a little iffy. LG says all of its washers have Smart Diagnosis, a feature that you can use to pinpoint error messages and other problems with your machine. Even if your washer wasn't isn't technically smart (aka Wi-Fi-enabled), you should still be able to troubleshoot issues via Smart Diagnosis. But there are at least three different apps that all claim to offer Smart Diagnosis. Unfortunately, LG doesn't actively tell you which one to use. So you first have to figure out if your washer has Wi-Fi, and then you have to figure out which app to use. I ended up using the LG Smart Laundry app. This app has a bunch of different features and sections, but the Smart Diagnosis section is the only one that works (that's because the WM3575CV isn't Wi-Fi enabled). Once you figure that out, it's fairly simple to follow the steps to troubleshoot your washer. It could be easier, though.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Cleaning woes

We measure two main things when it comes to washer performance -- how well a machine removes stains and how gentle (or tough) it is on clothes.

Of the eight total front-load washers we've tested to date, the WM3575CV scored the lowest when it comes to stain removal. Specifically, it had 52 percent stains remaining overall. By stain, that translates to:

  • Sebum: 50 percent stains remaining
  • Carbon: 61 percent stains remaining
  • Blood: 33 percent stains remaining
  • Cocoa: 60 percent stains remaining
  • Wine: 54 percent stains remaining

That's decent-ish, but that 52 percent overall score starts to look a lot worse when you compare that to the Whirlpool's 47 percent stains remaining and the Electrolux's 40 percent stains remaining.

The LG was relatively gentle on clothes, though. To measure how a washer treats clothes, we shove some fabric squares with prepunched holes in the X shape of the 5 on dice and count the number of attached, frayed fabric strands that measure 2 millimeters long or more. The WM3575CV averaged 251 attached frayed fibers, whereas the Whirlpool averaged 263 and the Electrolux averaged 295. Since we weigh stain removal more heavily than gentleness, it still didn't perform particularly well overall.

The verdict

Yes, its 15-minute Speed Wash setting and Smart Diagnosis feature were kind of neat, but the LG WM3575CV just didn't impress in the end because of its poor performance results. Considering that both the $1,199 Whirlpool WFW87HEDW and the $1,099 Electrolux EFLS617S offer similar options, but clean much better, I'd skip the WM3575CV altogether.

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