LG W2363V review: LG W2363V

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The Good Good design and build quality; easy-to-use on-screen menus; multiple inputs; excellent image contrast makes games looks great.

The Bad No built-in speakers; poor colour accuracy affects image-editing capability.

The Bottom Line The LG W2363V is an excellent gaming monitor. It's responsive and it delivers almost unbelievably good contrast, adding depth and excitement to gameplay. The built-in lighting effects are an unnecessary gimmick, though

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7.5 Overall

LG's 23-inch W2363V offers some truly unique features. Aimed squarely at gamers, this monitor has a 2ms response time and an incredibly high, 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It also has a 1080p resolution, multiple inputs and built-in lighting effects that react to music. The W2363V is available for about £190.

All that flickers is not gold
Unusually for a PC display, the W2363V is finished in a high-gloss white with a black trim and what appears to be (but isn't) a black speaker bar below. Turning the monitor on or off causes the black bar to display an attention-grabbing sweep of tiny white illuminated dots, accompanied by a few cheery bleeps. This will happen every time the display enters or leaves standby mode.

The fun doesn't really start until you hook up an audio input to the monitor. The display's 'TruLight' feature will then kick in, reacting to sound with a built-in light show. The idea is that these flickering lights will enhance your enjoyment of games, movies and music, each of which has a relevant TruLight mode, selectable via a dedicated switch. We couldn't really tell much of a difference between the three settings, though, and found them all equally annoying. This feature does add a touch of individuality to the display and gamers might like to show it off, but it's of little practical use.

Killer contrast
We turned off the auto brightness feature and measured the display's output using a Spyder3Elite calibrator. With this tool, it's possible to measure the darkness of the darkest blacks, and the brightness of the brightest whites. You can also measure how accurately the monitor displays the range of colours in between, and just how wide this range of colours is.

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