LG Signature Dishwasher brings smarts and steam to CES 2018

First announced in August, LG's ultra-high end dishwasher is now ready for your kitchen.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Complete with four wash arms, Wi-Fi enabled smarts, room for 15 place settings, and a newly announced steam cycle, LG's new premium dishwasher is making its debut at CES  2018. The LG Signature Dishwasher was first announced in August, but now it's ready to hit the market.

You'll even be able to control the dishwasher with your voice if you have a device equipped with Amazon's assistant Alexa or Google's assistant, which is just called Google Assistant. Both the Google integration and the steam cycle are perks added to this dishwasher's repertoire since it was announced in the fall.

We reviewed an $800 (about £590 or AU$1,020) dishwasher with LG's QuadWash arms this fall, and it fared quite well in our rigorous cleaning tests. The four arms of QuadWash do a good job of covering every inch of your dishes. That dishwasher didn't have a steam cycle, so this one could be an even better cleaner.

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The LG Signature Dishwasher will hopefully be a standout performer given the price. LG listed it at $1,700 this fall, but we'll update the piece if we hear a different number now that it's ready for launch. That price converts to about £1,250 or AU$2,170. The smarts, steam, QuadWash, and capacity all add up to a nice package, but all can be had for much less.

That said, if you're looking to spend this much on a dishwasher, you're not just looking for performance and features. Don't worry, the LG Signature dishwasher looks like it has style fit for premium kitchen setups.

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