LG Shine Bar (KE770) review: LG Shine Bar (KE770)

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The Good Sleek design. Budget price point.

The Bad No 3G. Cramped keypad. Below average call quality. No USB cable or CD in box.

The Bottom Line The Shine Bar looks great, and while the price is right, a few basic flaws suggests there's value in the extra AU$50 spent on the Shine Slide instead of the Shine Bar.

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5.8 Overall

In its appearance, the Shine Bar shares only some of the physical characteristics of its parent phone, the LG Shine. In fact, there's a much stronger resemblance to Sony Ericsson's W890i design, with the brushed metal finish and candy bar form factor. This isn't a bad thing though, in fact, it's quite the opposite; the Shine Bar expresses a simplistic elegance.

At AU$199, the Shine Bar is marginally cheaper than the Shine Slide (AU$249) and the differences begin to be seen once the display is activated. While the two phones share the mirror-finish reflective screen that gives the Shine family its name, once the screen lights up the Bar's lower resolution screen looks noticeably darker and duller than the Shine's QVGA display.

On the face of the Bar's candybar body is an identical keypad to the one we found under the Slide's slider, although, the navigation buttons do differ slightly. Instead of the Slide's scrolling toggle — a feature we really enjoyed using — the Bar employs a cramped standard five-way navigation pad, which is not as finger-friendly as we'd like it to be.

Another noticeable difference between the Bar and the Slide is the built-in camera modules. While both handsets feature 2-megapixel cameras, the Slide's camera is certified by Schneider Kreuznach, and features auto-focus; quite a bonus for a camera in the prepaid price range. The Bar's on-board camera may not feature auto-focus, but does include a LED flash, and for people who intend to MMS their photos to friends, or post them on their blog, the difference in the pictures taken is difficult to distinguish.

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