LG Optimus Me review: LG Optimus Me

(Credit: CBSi)

Media and the web

As with all Android smartphones, the Optimus Me offers a great Web-surfing experience. With the hardware under the hood, we saw page-load times on par with some of the better phones of last year, which is a respectable result for a pre-paid phone of this year. The tiny screen is, again, the problem, with some pages being difficult to read at the default zoom and hyperlinks being tricky to select accurately.

Multimedia playback isn't one of the strong suits of this budget-priced smartphone. The Optimus Me only played one of our standard test video files — a low-resolution MP4 file — and refused to play others that we would expect to use on an Android device, like a file in the WMV video format. Music playback was better, though LG keeps it simple with a stock Android music player which lacks extra features like equaliser settings.


The Optimus Me has mostly exceeded our expectations during testing, delivering speed and reliability on par with the more expensive Android devices of last year. In benchmarks, the Me produced results similar to those that we saw from the Xperia X10 and the HTC Desire before its many firmware revisions. We also played a number of popular games available on the Android Market, like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, and found the Me more than capable of handling these titles.

The smaller screen contributes to a reasonable battery life of nearly two days, with LG opting for a generous 1250mAh battery in this pint-sized smartphone. Call quality is acceptable, too, with decent volume and clarity from the earpiece speaker and good microphone performance as well.


The Optimus Me delivers a fast, slick user experience, but this is mitigated by its small display. Android is a complex system and we really feel that you need more than 2.8 inches of screen to use this system comfortably. At AU$199, the Optimus Me delivers a lot for such a small price tag, but we'd still suggest finding an extra $50 and choosing the better LG Optimus One or, if you feel you can handle the small screen, the Huawei Ideos — a handset with a similar spec, but for half the price.