LG Music Flow LAS751M review: Midrange sound bar hits sonic and streaming sweet spots

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The Good The LG LAS751M sound bar/wireless subwoofer system delivers excellent sound quality for the money. The imaging is big and spacious, bass is plentiful, and dialogue is clear. Its ample feature set offers multiroom Wi-Fi streaming and compatibility with Google Cast and Spotify Connect in addition to Bluetooth. The styling is sleek and low-profile.

The Bad The system can lack sonic warmth. The ability to add wireless surrounds is a great idea, but it doesn't yet work seamlessly.

The Bottom Line The LG Music Flow LAS751M is a dynamite package as it not only includes cutting-edge features for a great price, but its sophisticated performance also elevates it above run-of-the-mill competitors.

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8.5 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 10
  • Sound 8
  • Value 8

While we've had some magnificent sound bars in recent years from dedicated audio brands such as Pioneer and Yamaha, it's a product that the TV brands have struggled with. Some people would rather have a sound bar that's designed to match their TV, but this isn't always the best answer in performance terms.

With the LG LAS751M, however, there are no such issues. This sound bar stands shoulder to shoulder with the sound quality of its competitors -- and throws in some unexpectedly welcome features. While most sound bars at this price include just Bluetooth, at best, LG adds Wi-Fi and streaming features, bringing it into the company's own Music Flow family.

The LAS751M is capable of a larger-than-life soundstage that is well-suited to both music and movies. With the petite dimensions do come some trade-offs, though, and the LG's sonics can lack warmth and come off a bit clinical. The sound is still quite good for the breed however, with a lack of boxiness and generally open quality.

At a $399 street price, the LG faces competition from the Vizio SB4051-C0 5.1 sound bar and Yamaha YAS-203 , and which of these you choose is a matter of whether surround sound or music replay is paramount. While the Yamaha is ultimately the sonic victor of these three, the LG's combination of multiroom streaming with exceptional sonics is unheard of at this price.


Sarah Tew/CNET

While home-theater receivers are the same black rectangles they have always been, the designs of other components have seen some changes in recent years, a trend that's especially true for sound bars. From curves to real wood cabinets to solid blocks of aluminum, we've seen the sound bar evolve into a stylish part of your AV setup. Given LG's ongoing " design arms race , the company has attempted to one-up its rival with the LAS751M.

Sarah Tew/CNET

At 42 inches wide, LG's sound bar will suit TVs with 46-inch screens and above. The bar is rectangular, albeit slightly taller at the front than at the back, and the sides have a rounded, metallic cap. The top is also covered in a metallic finish and the front features a see-through grille with a blue LED display. The results are classic yet understated.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The wireless subwoofer bundled with the package also includes a metal grille. While not as attractive as the sound bar, it won't look out of place in most living spaces.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The remote control bucks the trend of dinky, credit card-style clickers with a proper, metal-skinned candy-bar. It's decently ergonomic and includes quick access to most of the functions. And for the rest, of course, there's an app.

Sarah Tew/CNET


The LAS751M is a 4.1-channel sound bar (stereo plus pseudo-surround) with rated power at 40W per channel plus a 200W wireless subwoofer.

The LAS751M resembles many other sound bars, but inside this speaker lurks some interesting wireless tech. Firstly comes LG's Music Flow, which is a proprietary multiroom system that can stream from cloud services, your phone or media sources on your network (a PC or NAS drive).

Screenshot: Ty Pendlebury/CNET

In the absence of an on-screen menu, the Music Flow app also allows some changes to the sound bar's settings including sound mode (Music, Cinema, Flat and so on).

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