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LG LX6900 (47LX6900) review: LG LX6900 (47LX6900)

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The Good Bright, vivid 2D pictures; attractive design; good sound quality; impressive Internet features; sharp hi-def images.

The Bad 3D images suffer from plenty of ghosting; black levels could be deeper; below-par standard-definition performance.

The Bottom Line The LG 47LX6900 is a great-looking 3D LED TV that delivers crisp and punchy high-definition images. Unfortunately, its 3D and standard-definition performance leave something to be desired.

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7.5 Overall

If you can't quite stretch to the high asking price of LG's top-of-the-line Infinia tellies, then you might want to take a look at the 47-inch, 1080p 47LX6900 LCD TV. It doesn't just offer a large amount of screen real estate for a relatively low price tag of around £1,400. It also packs in 3D support, LED edge lights, and LG's improved Netcast service, which now supports BBC iPlayer.

Easy on the eyeballs

The 47LX6900 may lack the 'single sheet of glass' design of LG's higher-end Infinia sets, but it's still a great-looking TV. LG has decked it out with a transparent trim that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the glossy black bezel. As it uses LED edge lights, the TV is supremely slim too, measuring a mere 30mm thick. Even the stand looks classy.

The 47LX6900 offers all the connections you'd want to see on a new TV. There are four HDMI ports -- one of which is side-mounted for easy access -- along with a set of component inputs, a Scart socket and a PC input. You'll also find an Ethernet port around the back, and two USB ports on the side.

The Ethernet port can be used either for streaming movies, photos and music from a PC or for accessing LG's Netcast service. Streaming support is first-class, as the set will play MKV video, along with older formats, like Xvid and DviX.

LG has also upped its game when it comes to its Netcast offering. Previously this only included a rather limited range of services, such as YouTube and AccuWeather, but it now supports many more, including BBC iPlayer and the Acetrax movies-on-demand service. All in all, it's now a pretty comprehensive line-up, and Netcast equals the best offerings of other manufacturers' Internet-enabled TVs.

As you'd expect on a set in this price range, the 47LX6900 includes a Freeview HD tuner so you can use it to watch high-definition channels like BBC One HD and ITV1 HD, alongside all the standard-definition Freeview channels. Unlike many of Panasonic's TVs, however, it doesn't include a freesat HD tuner as well. Nevertheless, the set's electronic programme guide is pleasantly presented, with large, easy-to-read text. It can be navigated speedily too.

LG has upped its game when it comes to the range of Internet services available on Netcast.

The menu system is identical to that found on other TVs in LG's current line-up. That's no bad thing, as it's among the best in the business. It's presented as a series of large, colourful icons that you can drill into to access the TV's comprehensive picture and audio controls. For example, when you switch to the 'expert' mode, you're given access to gamma controls, as well as individual contrast and brightness controls for RGB colours.

Average 3D

This TV's key feature is its 3D support. It relies on active 3D glasses and only one set is included in the box. Extra pairs of specs will set you back around £100. The glasses are reasonably comfortable to wear and can be recharged via the set's USB ports.

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