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LG LW650T (55LW650T) review: LG LW650T (55LW650T)

In reality, however, the apparent resolution you see is actually higher and is closer to two thirds of a Full HD picture. Passive also has very little of the 'crosstalk' that you usually get on active LCD sets, for example, and because the passive 3D glasses don't dim the image anywhere near as much, 3D pictures look much brighter.

At a normal viewing distance the 650T's 3D performance is actually quite impressive. You can tell it's not delivering Full HD levels of resolution, but images for the most part remain pretty sharp. More importantly, the images deliver a very impressive sense of depth as they look much more solid than on many active 3D sets that suffer from high levels of crosstalk.

The passive glasses also seem to be easier on your eyes. Partially, at least, this is becuase you don't see flickering from ambient light sources in the room in the same way you do with active glasses.


There's still a dearth of high-quality 3D content available, so most people are going to spend the vast majority of their time with this TV watching 2D material. Thankfully its 2D performance is also pretty impressive.

Upscaling standard-definition TV channels on a 55-inch screen is always tricky, but the LG does a pretty good job of sharpening up the pictures while keeping noise down to acceptable levels. Movies on Blu-ray also look exceptionally sharp and detailed and the set drums up lush colours and impressively deep black levels.

There are some issues, however. Motion isn't as deftly handled as on some rival sets. With the TruMotion mode turned off you can see some loss in sharpness during faster panning shots, while engaging it adds some slight flickering on the edge of objects here and there. The local dimming isn't perfect either, as bright objects in dark scenes tend to have a slight halo around them.


All in all, though, this is a fine set from LG. It delivers impressive picture quality for day to day 2D viewing and offers a much more affordable way for families to enjoy 3D movies thanks to the low price of the 3D glasses.

Edited by Nick Hide

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