One of the biggest hurdles for 3D televisions is what is known as "the glasses thing". People don't want to a) pay up to AU$200 for each set of welding goggles and/or b) have to wear them.

As a part solution LG is offering up its first Australian passive 3D model in the LW6500. What's passive? Well, it's the same as you get in the cinema offering lower "crosstalk" or ghosting and the glasses cost a dollar each. One thing to be aware of is that passive TVs also halve the resolution of active TVs when in 3D mode; though we think a reduction in image artefacts could make this a decent tradeoff.

The LW6500 is a premium offering and comes with the Wii-like Magic Motion remote (it comes with a standard remote as well). With the Magic Motion in hand, though, you can access LG's new smart TV platform with web browsing and BigPond Movies. LG representatives tell us that further local content is on its way.

Other features include onboard WiFi connectivity, extensive file support and a 200Hz mode.

The LW6500 range will be available in the next few months, but will be more expensive than active models as passive tech costs more to produce. Despite what you may have heard, LG will still produce active TVs as well.