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LG LSB316 review: LG LSB316

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The Good The LG LSB316 is a stylish sound bar with a wireless subwoofer. It has built-in Bluetooth, enabling you to stream music from smartphones and other portable devices--it's basically like using AirPlay without being locked into Apple devices. There are also two optical inputs and an analog audio input, plus a USB port for digital music playback.

The Bad The sound quality is underwhelming, especially if you like bass. We also would have liked more inputs. And while the USB port is nice, it's not useful very often.

The Bottom Line The LG LSB316 is a sleek sound bar and its Bluetooth support enables AirPlay-like streaming, but its sound quality is only so-so.

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7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 6

There's not much to budget sound bars. Sound quality generally ranges from mediocre to "good enough," there are a couple inputs around the back, and most include a wireless subwoofer--that's it. That pretty much describes the LG LSB316, although its Bluetooth functionality is a standout feature. Bluetooth may sound ho-hum, but it enables AirPlay-like music streaming from iOS devices; you even use the same AirPlay icon to enable it. And since Bluetooth is available on non-Apple smartphones and portable devices, you're not locked into an Apple gadget. The LG LSB316's so-so sound quality means it wouldn't be the first sound bar we'd choose, but it's a good choice for less demanding listeners that want the convenience of wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth.

The LSB316 has a typical design, with a long sound bar and a wireless subwoofer. The real style of the unit comes in how thin the sound bar is, measuring only 2 inches deep. There's no speaker grille up front, with three exposed drivers on the far ends. There's a front-panel display (which isn't always a given) and it's easy to read from about 10 feet away. There are a few front-panel buttons under the display and a USB port to the right, which can be used to play back digital music files

LSB316's front panel
The LSB316's front panel includes a display and several front-panel buttons. There's also a USB port, just to the right (not shown.)


LSB316's remote
The LG LSB316's remote is usable, but it could be a lot simpler.

The LSB316's included remote is decent, although more cluttered than it needs to be. We liked the centrally located input button and the volume rocker is easy enough to find. However, there are plenty of confusing design choices. What looks like a directional pad in the middle of the remote is really a set of playback controls for USB sources. Overall, it's a usable remote, but it could be a lot better.

Built-in Bluetooth: As good as AirPlay?
We've made a big deal about AirPlay on AV receivers and (somewhat to our surprise) we found the Bluetooth functionality on the LSB316 works almost identically to AirPlay with iOS devices. Make sure Bluetooth is activated in the settings, cue some music using the iPod app or any other music application (including Rhapsody and Pandora), and select "LG Audio" from the AirPlay icon, and then your music will stream directly to the LSB316. It's seamless as the experience with other AirPlay-enabled devices, like the Denon AVR-1912 and Pioneer VSX-1021-K.

LSB316 and Bluetooth
Pairing an iPhone with the LG LSB316 over Bluetooth is nearly as easy as using AirPlay, and just as convenient.

Even better, Bluetooth isn't limited to iOS devices. We used the Samsung Epic 4G Android phone, and while the experience wasn't quite as easy, we were eventually able to stream music stored on the phone and from music apps. We've been disappointed by the sound of Bluetooth audio devices before, but we were more underwhelmed by the LSB316's overall sound quality with music than we were with any kind of Bluetooth compression. More on that later.


Key features
Subwoofer Wireless Remote Yes
Front-panel display Yes Virtual surround Yes

Like most budget sound bars, the LSB316 has a wireless subwoofer and remote. The wireless sub is a step up from the otherwise excellent Sony HT-CT150, which has a wired subwoofer. While the LSB316 has a virtual surround mode, we wouldn't give too much weight to that factor, as we didn't think it worked that well. If you want real surround sound from a budget sound bar, check out the Vizio VHT510.

HDMI inputs 0 Coaxial inputs 0
Optical inputs 2 Minijack input Yes
Analog audio inputs 0 Max connected devices 3
Other: Bluetooth, USB port

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