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LG LH3000 (42LH3000) review: LG LH3000 (42LH3000)

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The Good Good HD picture quality; impressive sound; easy-to-use menu system.

The Bad Garish picture presets; lacks media-playback features; standard-definition picture quality is just okay.

The Bottom Line The LG 42LH3000's standard-definition performance is pretty average, but its crisp HD pictures, surprisingly good audio, and classy design help make up for this failing

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7.5 Overall

Packing a standard Freeview tuner, the LG 42LH3000 can be picked up online for around £500, which makes it one of the cheapest 42-inch, 1080p LCD TVs available from a big-name manufacturer. LG will have had to make some compromises to offer the set at such a low asking price, but has it managed to avoid aversely affecting the picture quality?

Beauty on a budget
One thing's for sure -- the 42LH3000 doesn't betray its budget origins when it comes to its design. The shiny black finish looks very classy and is pleasantly complemented by a silver line that runs across the bottom of the screen. This line is only interrupted by a large power light that glows subtly when you switch the set on and off.

To set the TV up with your array of AV kit, you'll need to dive around the back where most of the connections are located. Unfortunately, what's on offer is rather disappointing. Although the 42LH3000 has two Scart sockets, a PC input and component connections, there are only two HDMI ports on the rear, with another mounted on the side for easy access. Most of the TVs we've had in recently sport four HDMI ports, so the 42LH3000 is behind the pack in this regard.

The set's menu system is a pleasant surprise, however, as its makes liberal use of large, colourful icons, and has a logical layout that makes it easy to find your way around. Once you've tuned the Freeview channels, you'll also find that the electronic programme guide is quite colourful and speedily navigated. Channel changes don't take too long either, but we were slightly annoyed that LG has placed the 'guide' and 'info' buttons at the bottom of the remote, since you have to shift the remote in your hand to reach them.

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