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LG KF510 review: LG KF510

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The Good Solid construction. Large number keys are very easy to use. Light-up buttons look cool.

The Bad Smudgy surfaces. Disco touch buttons can be laggy. Internal memory is only 16MB.

The Bottom Line Well-made and good-looking for the bargain price, but the touch keys are annoying.

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7.2 Overall

LG's current handset line-up is all about the Secret, also known as the KF750. But for those who may not be too keen on shelling out 900 clams for that phone, there is a budget model waiting in the wings: the KF510.

Like the Secret, the KF510 is a slider phone coated with tempered glass, which gives it a solid feel in your hand. But we've said it before and we'll say it again: glossy, glass-covered surfaces equal icky, fingerprinted, face grease-infested phones. This is definitely the case with the KF510, so carry a wipe cloth if you don't want to gross yourself — and others — out.

Those who care not for the ancient art of manual-reading may struggle to locate the power button on the KF510. It is a slider switch located on the right side of the KF510 and looks closer to an MP3 player's hold switch than your garden variety on/off key. Beneath the slider is a dedicated camera button, which also functions as a wake-up key for when the display lapses into idleness. There's a microSD slot, but it's a stealthy little thing. After several minutes of ape-like fumbling, we finally located it lurking on the back of the internal section — the bit that's only visible when the phone has been slid open.

Slide the KF510 open and you'll get a face full of large, matte number keys. The sliding mechanism itself is sturdy enough to inspire confidence &mdash rather than simply dividing into a top and bottom section, the phone uses an internal slider for more stability. This allows a 3-megapixel camera to set up shop beneath the sliding mechanism, just like the camera we saw in Sony Ericsson's C902.

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