LG KF310 review: LG KF310

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The Good HSDPA. Affordable. Good media file recognition.

The Bad Low-res display. No 3.5mm headphone socket. Flat keypad with little definition.

The Bottom Line For a prepaid mobile, the KF310 has a few tricks up its sleeve, notably HSDPA web browsing. It's a shame it looks so much like a budget-priced phone.

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6.9 Overall

Recent LG prepaid releases have been impressive. The KF510 was an excellent example of how a low-cost phone could emulate the sex appeal of its flagship model, but cut costs on high price components and materials. The KF310 doesn't do this as successfully, though there are parts of it we like. It's lightweight and smallish, in regards to length and width, but at 17mm, it's not the slimmest slider phone around. Its plastic construction is reasonably sturdy and the sliding mechanism moves smoothly and clicks into place when opened or closed.

The screen is serviceable but isn't specced to be seriously impressive. Only 2 inches big, the display features a low 176x220-pixel resolution which is half the resolution of the now-standard QVGA displays we see on most phones. Below the screen LG employs a standard set of navigation keys including selection and calling keys. Looking at this design, we feel that there is a lot of wasted space between the tiny screen and tiny keys.

Sliding the phone open you find a 15-button keypad, including the regular numeric pad plus three extra shortcut keys. This pad is as flat as unleavened bread and about as useful for typing out SMS messages or punching in long phone numbers. Perhaps we have unusually large thumbs, but we found typing on the numpad to be a frustrating exercise of entry and delete as we constantly hit the wrong key over and over.

On the back of the phone we find a 2-megapixel camera unadorned by any extras; there's no flash or self-portrait mirror, just the lens. On the right of the phone is a USB charging port that doubles as the headphone socket. On the opposite side is a microSD slot and volume controls.

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