LG Infinia LX9900 (55LX9900) review: LG Infinia LX9900 (55LX9900)

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The Good Bright, vivid 2D pictures;. Deep black levels;. Superb design.

The Bad Suffers from rather severe 3D crosstalk;. Some backlight haloing;. Lacklustre Internet features.

The Bottom Line The LG Infinia 55LX9900 is a gorgeous 55-inch LCD set that delivers sharp and punchy 2D pictures, but its 3D performance is a let-down.

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8.3 Overall

Not content with making some of the best budget screens around, LG is now targeting the premium end of the market with this gorgeous 55-inch LCD TV that packs in a huge range of features, including direct LED backlighting, Internet streaming and active 3D support. All this technology doesn't come cheap, though. The LG Infinia 55LX9900 weighs in at a wallet-bashing £2,600.

Dapper design for your dosh

As you would expect when you're shelling out this kind of dosh, the LX9900's design is absolutely top class. Viewed from the front, the bezel around the screen looks practically non-existent -- it extends just 20mm from the edge of the display, and that's including a narrow transparent lip on the outer edge.

The effect is further enhanced by the telly's unibody-style construction, where the display and bezel blend seamlessly together. But the innovation doesn't end there. Despite having direct LED backlighting, the display is actually slimmer than some edge-lit LED screens that we've seen, measuring just 32mm deep.

Given its waif-like dimensions, you'd be forgiven for thinking LG would struggle to find enough space for a reasonable line-up of ports, but that's certainly not the case. In fact, you'll find a full four HDMI ports along with two USB ports, a VGA connector and Ethernet port.

Colourful icons and an intuitive layout make the TV's menus easy to find your way around.

As with pretty much all of LG's current TVs, this set's menus are impeccably presented -- they make liberal use of bright colours and large icons. The layout of the menu system is also first-rate, making it easy to adjust the TV's comprehensive picture controls.

What about the Web?

What's not so impressive is the selection of Internet features. While Sony and Panasonic now offer services like Lovefilm and the BBC iPlayer, with this model you only get YouTube, Picasa and AccuWeather, which is very disappointing given the high price tag.

Nevertheless, it does support media playback of photos, music and videos either from the USB port or from a PC across your home network. The LX9900 worked without any problems with video formats like Xvid and DivX.

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