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LG HBM-905 headset review: LG HBM-905 headset

The HBM-905 also has Name Alert, which will read out incoming caller ID. If the caller is in your phonebook, the headset will read out the person's name; if the caller is not, the headset will just announce the number. You have to enable the Name Alert function before it'll work--simply press and hold the volume button for about 5 seconds. However, Name Alert doesn't work with all handsets. LG says that for Android phones you need to download an HBM-905 Extender application before Name Alert can work. We tested it with our iPhone 4 without any need for an app, so your mileage may vary depending on your phone.

We paired the LG HBM-905 with the Apple iPhone 4 for testing. Pairing went smoothly, and the headset is smart enough to auto-reconnect after that. Call quality was admirable for the most part. We had no problems listening to our callers, though we did encounter quite a bit of background hiss and static.

On their end, callers too heard us clearly, but unfortunately they encountered quite a bit of background static as well. Callers also complained about our slightly tinny and harsh vocal quality. The headset did do a decent job of noise cancellation, though--we were in a busy construction area in the city, and callers could still hear us.

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