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LG HBM-750 review: LG HBM-750

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The Good The LG HBM-750 is a basic Bluetooth headset with a dedicated power button and easy-to-use controls. It also has good sound quality and a comfortable fit.

The Bad The LG HBM-750 doesn't have call mute or noise cancellation.

The Bottom Line The LG HBM-750 is a simple Bluetooth headset with a snug fit and good sound quality.

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7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

The LG HBM-750 is yet another simple and affordable Bluetooth headset from LG, with easy-to-use controls and a comfortable fit. It has slightly better call quality than its predecessors, and we dig its minimalist style. The HBM-750 is also quite affordable at only $74.99 retail.

The HBM-750 follows in the tradition of LG headsets with its basic and lightweight design. Measuring 1.7 inches long by 0.75 inch wide by 0.4 inch thick, the HBM-750 has a slightly curved hourglass shape. It has a glossy black front face, plus a bit of silver on the bottom and the back. The multifunction button is quite obvious and is placed right on the front underneath a skinny blue LED. A dedicated power button sits on top of the headset, while a volume rocker is on the left. Though the power button is really tiny, it was raised enough above the surface to be easy to press. Similarly, the multifunction button and the volume rocker keys felt easy to press as well.

Flip the headset over and you'll find the in-ear style earpiece with a silicone earbud cover, as well as a thin and flexible ear loop. We really like the squishy earbud cover, as it provides for a very secure and snug fit in the ear. The ear loop is also flexible enough to be rotated to fit either ear and is thin enough to accommodate eyeglass handles. On the right spine is the charger jack.

As with most of the LG headsets, the HBM-750 doesn't have much when it comes to features. It has what you would expect: the capability to answer, reject, and end calls, voice-dial support, last-number redial, a low-battery status indicator, call-waiting support, and the ability to transfer calls from the headset to the handset and vice versa. There's no call mute however.

We paired the LG HBM-750 with the RIM BlackBerry Pearl, which was successful. We were very impressed with the call quality from the headset. Incoming calls sounded loud and strong, and our callers could hear us quite well too. We were also able to make several calls using the voice-dial support. There wasn't much noise cancellation, though, and it doesn't have protection against windy environments either. However, it worked just fine in quieter environments like the car.

The LG HBM-750 has a rated battery life of 9 hours of talk time and 6.7 days in standby time.

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