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LG GM750 review: LG GM750

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The Good Small and comfortable to hold; decent call quality; good connectivity.

The Bad Unresponsive touchscreen; sluggish performance.

The Bottom Line The LG GM750 is a small and attractive Windows Mobile handset, but its sluggish performance and awful touchscreen make it a difficult phone to like

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6.5 Overall

The touchscreen LG GM750 is one of the cheapest Windows Mobile handsets available. As with LG's other Windows Mobile offerings, the company has added its own user interface over the top of Microsoft's operating system. But are the results any good?

The GM750 can currently be picked up for free from Vodafone on a £25-per-month, 24-month contract. You can also find it SIM-free online for around £280.

Chip off the old block
At first glance, the GM750 looks almost identical to LG's previous touchscreen phones, such as the Arena KM900 and Cookie KP500. Like those handsets, the GM750 has a glossy black finish with a silver trim, and, as it's relatively narrow, it fits comfortably in the hand.

Perhaps surprisingly for a touchscreen phone, the GM750 has quite a few physical buttons dotted around its edge. Along with the power button and lock switch, there's also a volume control, dedicated camera button and multi-tasking key that lets you quickly swap between the apps you've got running on the handset. That's handy when you want to jump between emails and the Web browser, for example.

The GM750 has plenty of physical buttons, despite also offering a resistive touchscreen

Unlike most Windows Mobile handsets, the GM750 doesn't have a traditional mechanical direction pad, but instead uses an optical joystick that tracks movement across its surface. It's actually quite responsive and easy to use, and, as there are no moving parts, it should prove more reliable in the long term.

Bottom of the S-Class
When it comes to software, the GM750 is built around Windows Mobile 6.5 -- also known as Windows Phone -- which is basically an update of the operating system that's been tweaked to make it more suitable for touch input. Version 6.5 offers a significant improvement on the old Windows Mobile interface, but it's still some way off the usability of the iPhone or Android operating systems.

Don't fear, though, because LG has added its own S-Class interface over the top. Actually, on second thoughts, do fear -- the S-Class interface is pretty unintuitive to use. If anything, it makes the phone's menus more confusing to navigate around, as you find you're constantly moving between the S-Class and Windows Mobile interfaces.

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