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LG GB102 review: LG GB102

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The Good Very inexpensive; decent-enough call quality; easy to use; lightweight; slips into pockets easily; surprisingly robust; good battery life.

The Bad Feels as cheap as it is; ugly interface; handset is as visually exciting as a lump of coal.

The Bottom Line The super-cheap LG GB102 is a fine choice if you're seeking a disposable secondary phone, or just can't be bothered with the hassle of a more complicated handset

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6.5 Overall

The LG GB102 is a super-cheap phone for those who just want to make calls and send texts. It's available for free on a £5 per month contract, or for around £20 SIM-free. You can also pick it up on a pay as you go deal for anywhere between £3.95 with Virgin Mobile, and £9.95 with O2.

Note that if you opt for Orange's £5.95 pay as you go deal, you'll be able to exploit Orange Wednesdays. This means you can celebrate the middle of the week with half-price cinema tickets and two-for-one pizzas at PizzaExpress.

Dull as ditchwater
The GB102 is as visually exciting as a lump of coal, and its plastic carcass feels cheap. The battery cover may well be formed of the cheapest plastic humankind has ever created, and stroking it results in a strangely unsettling sensation.

In this photo, we can see that the GB102 is roughly the same size as three bars of a standard-issue Kit Kat. It's not as tasty though. Not by a long shot

Nevertheless, the phone is robust -- we repeatedly sat on it and dropped it from a height during our testing period, without any adverse consequences. Do that to the iPhone 4 and it'll look like the victim of a gangland shooting.

At 45 by 103 by 14mm, the GB102 is slim enough to fit into a trouser pocket without causing a suggestive bulge. Under a cover on the left-hand side of the phone sits a proprietary port for the charging cable and hands-free headset.

The GB102's tiny, 39mm (1.5-inch), colour screen sits above a four-way navigation pad, and two other buttons that are used for navigating the interface, and making and ending calls. The keypad is responsive enough, and its blue backlight will come in useful for texting on a mountaintop during a total solar eclipse.

Interface all in your face
'Attractive' isn't a word that can be used in reference to the
GB102's interface. With only six icons in the main menu, however, it's easy to access the handful of basic features on offer, such as the alarm, calendar, calculator and stopwatch.

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