LG G4010 (AT&T) review: LG G4010 (AT&T)

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The Good Slim and light; decent battery life.

The Bad Erratic call quality; monochrome display; no external LCD.

The Bottom Line The LG G4010 will satisfy anyone seeking a basic phone, but callers needing extensive features should look elsewhere.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 6

Review summary

LG's first foray into the GSM market, the G4010, offered by Cingular, really gives you what you pay for. With a minimalist design, this decidedly unflashy flip phone is similar in appearance to LG's VX3100 but trails it by a few steps. Its screen is monochrome, its features are basic, and its call quality could be better, but the G4010 is worth its $39.99 price tag.

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Barely bigger than a pack of bubble gum, the LG G4010 is ultracompact.

The G4010 is so slim and light (3.2 by 1.7 by 0.8 inches with cover closed; 2.9 ounces in weight) that we frequently had trouble finding it in a bag or a coat pocket. Considering this phone's petite dimensions, it's surprisingly comfortable when held to your face during conversation. Additionally, the 0.75-inch external antenna was barely noticeable.

For such a small handset, the G4010 gives you plenty of room on the keypad for dedicated hot buttons that let you set the ring type, access messages, and launch the phone book. Additionally, an OK key provides one-click access to the browser, and menu navigation was straightforward.

The eight-line, 128x128-pixel monochrome display is rather dull, though a choice of six wallpapers is included. You can adjust only the contrast level and backlight time but not the brightness. The blue-backlit keypad, however, is sufficiently bright for dark environments, and the buttons, set flush against the phone's face, are well spaced.

The silver handset's clean lines are disturbed by only a small volume button on the side of the mobile, and since the power cord connector doubles as a cable connector, the unit is free of extra ports. Drivers, take note: That also means you can't charge the phone and use the headset at the same time. Unlike some other LG models that come with a clunky desktop charger, the G4010 takes a travel charger--a definite improvement.

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