In Vegas, LG doubles down on its Door-in-Door fridge

The new four-door model offers two Door-in-Door compartments, letting you open the front panel of either fridge door to access the in-door shelves without actually opening the refrigerator.

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LG's new Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator.

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LG offers several versions of its "Door-in-Door" refrigerator, all of which let you open a panel on the front of the fridge to access the in-door shelves without actually opening the refrigerator. Now, in Las Vegas, the mega-manufacturer is showing off a new four-door model that offers Door-in-Door functionality on both fridge doors.

The new fridge sports the same basic build and dark finish of the $4,300 LG Diamond Collection model we reviewed last year. It's a distinctive-looking design, especially with the dark-tinted finish.

There are a couple of notable differences between the two models, though. The first and most obvious is that the new version offers Door-in-Door on both fridge doors, whereas the Diamond Collection model only offered Door-in-Door on the right. You'll open that compartment on the right using the same push button as before, but for the new left-mounted Door-in-Door compartment, there's a switch hidden beneath the door.

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You'll push a button on the front of the fridge to open the right Door-in-Door compartment, but for the door on the left, there's a hidden switch.

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It's a little odd having a slightly different mechanism for each compartment, and I wonder why LG didn't go for something a little more symmetrical. Going with a hidden switch on both sides would have been a nice touch -- the button on the face of the fridge undercuts the smooth, seamless aesthetic just a bit.

Another key difference -- the in-door ice maker is gone. With the new Door-in-Door compartment in the way, LG had to relocate your ice to the freezer.

Something else worth noting is the refrigerator's capacity -- it's gone up. Last year's Diamond Collection refrigerator rang in at 30 cubic feet of total storage space, but the Dual Door-in-Door model boasts 34 cubic feet. I'm not surprised; one of our chief criticisms of the Diamond Collection model was that it only allocated a lower-than-average 16.8 of those 30 cubic feet to the top refrigerator half, making for surprisingly cramped storage. LG's reps wouldn't tell me exactly how big the fridge section is on the model, but the proportions look to be identical, which would put it up over 19 cubic feet.

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Of course, LG isn't the only manufacturer that offers doors within its doors. Sure enough, Samsung has a new four-door "Food Showcase" model of its own here at CES. It only offers one door-in-a-door compartment, but it adds in the option of dialing the right half of the freezer into fridge mode, which LG's four-door models can't do.

Pricing and availability for the Dual Door-in-Door fridge isn't locked in yet, but given the price of the Diamond Collection model, I'd definitely expect it to debut well above $4,000 (about £2,755, or AU$5,725). LG tells us it'll go on sale sometime later this year.