LG CE110 (AT&T) review: LG CE110 (AT&T)

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The Good The LG CE110 is a simple lightweight camera phone with some nice advanced features like instant messaging and Bluetooth. It's also very affordable.

The Bad The LG CE110 has a lackluster screen plus disappointing photo quality. It also lacks an external camera key.

The Bottom Line The LG CE110 is a decent and affordable basic camera phone with some nice added features.

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7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

LG doesn't manufacture too many cell phones for AT&T, especially not for the low-end market. The LG CE110, however, is an exception. A basic camera phone, the CE110 comes without a lot of features and is probably considered a "starter" handset. The camera is VGA and screen quality is pretty poor, but the CE110 does come with a few advanced features like Bluetooth, a speakerphone, and a wireless Web browser. Best of all, AT&T is currently offering it for free with a two-year contract. For a price like that, the LG CE110 is probably one of the better basic handsets to hit the market. To find accessories for this phone, see our cell phone ringtones and accessories guide.

The LG CE110 is quite an attractive package as far as basic phones go. Measuring 3.52 inches by 1.85 inches by 0.82 inch, the CE110 has a slim and slender figure with curved corners all around. It has a nice feel in the hand, and weighing 2.86 ounces, the CE110 won't weigh you down when placed in a pocket or purse. The clamshell hinge opened and closed pretty smoothly, as well.

The LG CE110 comes with a simple VGA camera.

As with all flip phones, we really appreciate it when there's an external screen, and the CE110 is no exception. It's only a 0.9-inch diagonal monochrome display, but at least it displays all the basic information like battery life, signal strength, date and time, and caller ID when available. You can't view photo caller ID, however, since the black-and-white display doesn't support it. Also, you can't use it as a camera viewfinder since there's no external camera key. The camera lens sits above the screen. On the left side of the CE110 is the volume rocker while the headset/charger jack is on the right.

When you flip open the CE110 you'll find a pretty decent 1.5-inch diagonal 65,000-color TFT display. It's certainly not the best screen we've seen, with muted colors and smudgy images, but it's serviceable for such a basic device. You can adjust the brightness, the backlighting time, and the menu style.

There's nothing too exciting about the CE110's keypad. You get the standard navigation array, which consists of two soft keys and a five-way toggle that doubles as shortcuts to text messaging, instant messaging, the contacts list, the My Stuff folder, plus the wireless Web browser. There's a dedicated camera key, and a shortcut key that leads to the graphics folder. As usual, there's the Talk and End/power controls, and a Clear/Back key. On the whole, the keypad seemed pretty well spaced apart, with tactile keys that were easy to dial.

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