LG BP730

LAS VEGAS--Home theater evokes wall-shaking action films, but in the real world sometimes you can't watch your Blu-rays like you're actually at the movies.

The two higher-end models in LG's new 2013 Blu-ray lineup, the BP530 and BP730, have an interesting feature called "private sound mode" designed for those moments when you can't crank your system. Using an app on your smartphone, private sound mode lets you listen to the audio from your Blu-ray player, creating essentially a DIY wireless headphone solution. And while that may not exactly be a "breakout" feature, it's a lot more practical than other premium features like 3D, 4K upscaling, or browsing the Web on your TV.

The rest of the features are more typical. The BP730 has the most bells and whistles, including a slot-loading design, LG's Magic Remote, and a Web browser. The BP530 is more pared down, but still includes built-in Wi-Fi and LG's full Smart TV suite. A full breakdown of the features is below:

LG Blu-ray players comparison chart

The entry-level BP330 lacks the private sound mode, but it could be an excellent budget model, with built-in Wi-Fi and a stripped-down collection of streaming services, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and Pandora.

LG has not announced pricing or availability for any of its new Blu-ray players.