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LG BP350 review: Slow load times spoil cheap Blu-ray player

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Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The BP350's main screen is not as pretty as its competitors', but it's pretty straightforward to use. Missing from this player are any kind of casting capabilities, whether it's Google cast, Miracast or a dedicated service like LG's own Music Flow app.


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Ty Pendlebury/CNET

In its favor, the BP350 passed all of our real-world and synthetic benchmarks. On the other hand, no Blu-ray player has failed any of these tests in several years. In other words, picture quality is basically the same on all recent players we've tested. The LG will upscale your DVDs to a high standard as well as play your Blu-rays with the same fidelity afforded by other budget players.

Operational speed tells a different story. The LG wasn't exactly Usain Bolt in our tests. At 30.12 seconds to load Netflix, the LG is the slowest we've tested recently -- it's even 6 seconds slower than the 7-year-old PlayStation "Slim." By contrast, our current favorite at the price, the Samsung BD-J5900, is able to load Netflix in 15 seconds.

Sadly, the player isn't able to play upon power-up and so it doesn't pass our "Mission Impossible III" test. However, pressing the power button and hitting play a few times netted a time of 15 seconds, which is a little slower than average.


You want a cheap player? You got it. With a minimum of features designed to serve the unfussy bedroom TV watcher, the LG BP350 at least does the job. But if you're looking for better speed or streaming features, Sony and Samsung are better choices.

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