LG A140 review: LG A140

The washed-out screen makes playing games harder that it probably should be.

Unlike many other low-cost mobiles, the A140 comes with a VGA camera for taking photos and capturing video. It does neither of these things to a brilliant standard, but that's to be expected when you take into account the low price. It's a good feature to have, but, with only around 7MB of internal storage to play with and no memory-card slot to boost this figure, you're not going to be creating epic hour-long movies.

The stifling lack of memory is mitigated slightly by the inclusion of Bluetooth for wireless file transfer. This at least means you can periodically clear out your phone's memory to make space for new images and recordings.

The battery cover doesn't quite fit properly, leaving this ugly-looking gap at the bottom of the phone.

The aforementioned memory constraints also put paid to any dreams you may have of using the phone as a music player. That's just as well, because the lack of a 3.5mm audio output means you're restricted to using the wretched pair of bundled earphones. We've encountered some truly hateful examples in our time, but the ones included here are only fit for hurling in the rubbish bin.

Going online

Although the best cellular connection the A140 can muster is GPRS, we found we could at least browse T-Mobile's dedicated T-Zones Web portal. We could also download applications and games.

Three Java games came with our review handset: Dragon Fire is a fairly enjoyable vertically scrolling shooter, while Halloween Fever is a puzzle title that involves removing spooky-looking blocks from the screen. Finally, there's a digital version of Sudoku -- something that's practically standard-issue on cheap handsets these days.


Like so many low-price phones, the LG A140 is a combination of refreshing features and unfortunate compromises. Getting a VGA camera, Bluetooth and video recording for £15 is a deal not to be sniffed at, but the cheap feel of the phone's casing, the below-average display and the lack of storage space conspire to lessen its appeal.

Other phones, like the T-Mobile Zest E110 and Samsung E2121, are valid rivals to the A140, but we're still waiting for an ultra-low-cost blower that covers all of the possible bases.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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