LG's Tim Alessi assures the CES crowd there will be plasmas Sarah Tew/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- It’s a lonely year for plasma in 2014 with only Samsung and LG producing models after Panasonic announced it was withdrawing to concentrate on LCD. While LG still has five plasma models this year they all sport cut-down feature sets and one (PN4500) is a hold-over from 2013.

The PN6900 may be LG’s best plasma but is far from the top of the range. For example, the PN6900 is one of only three models which will feature the company’s older Netcast smart technology now that LG has now moved on to WebOS. The other two are the PB6600 plasma and the LB5800 LCD. It also appears the television misses out on a magic motion remote which would also limit its flexibility.

The PN6900 is the only plasma model to feature 3D and though we've yet to confirm with LG, it is also potentially the only television left in company's lineup to feature active glasses.

LG has yet to announce availability or pricing for the PN9600.