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LG 47LG7000 review: LG 47LG7000

The Good Picture quality; prodigious connectivity; the many features.

The Bad Black levels could be better; Bluetooth functionality is a bit of a gimmick; it's large by flat TV standards.

The Bottom Line LG can usually be relied on to deliver the goods when it comes to design and value. But in the 47LG7000 it has added another, crucial string to its bow: high performance standards. Plus you get cutting-edge Bluetooth functionality thrown in as a (small!) bonus

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8.3 Overall

LG has slightly struggled of late to emerge from the shadow of its all-conquering Korean neighbour, Samsung. That could all be about to change, however, thanks to LG's new £1,400 47-inch 47LG7000: a feature-packed TV with the performance standards to match.

Not surprisingly for a brand heavily involved in the London Fashion Week, LG knows how to make a TV look good. The 47LG7000 combines a glossy black bezel with a neat little 'go-faster' red stripe on each side panel to delightful affect. And while it's not as thin as some of its rivals, its design arguably makes a virtue out of its size.

The 47LG7000's headline-grabber, though, is undoubtedly its Bluetooth functionality. This enables you to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and headphones -- a TV technology first, as far as we're aware.

And this is just the most cutting-edge of a prodigious feature count on the LG. Also vying for your attention are a very healthy four HDMI inputs, 100Hz TruMotion processing for improving the appearance of motion, a USB input into which you can play JPEG stills and MP3 audio files, 'invisible' speakers tuned by renowned industry figure Mark Levinson and the 'Full HD' 1080p resolution that's pretty much an essential item on LCDs above 42-inches these days.

The best news of all is that the 47LG7000's high status in LG's current TV range is backed up comfortably by the brand's finest picture quality to date.

Particularly pleasing is the way its 100Hz processing helps the TV to deliver motion almost completely free of the blurring that's been such a feature of one or two other recent LG TVs. Even fast sports footage such as football or cricket tends to look crisp and clean from start to finish.

Also helping the 47LG7000 stand out from the crowd are its colours, which look blisteringly intense and vibrant even when showing something relatively bland. Yes, that means you, EastEnders.

Even better, this colour intensity does not come at the expense of natural colour tones as has been the case with some LG sets in the past. And nor is it accompanied by any serious amount of video noise that often accompanies aggressive images.

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